Webinars as a source of good medical information

University Medical Center Utrecht

The academic hospital UMC Utrecht wants to share complex medical topics in an accessible manner. Since 2017, they have been using webinars for this purpose, which help the hospital to position itself as a medical expert.

When it comes to medical affairs, there are many people who just google information. A suspicious lump, a wound: the internet quickly becomes the first source of information that people consult. Nowadays, there is a lot of good information online, but unfortunately also a lot of nonsense. The UMC Utrecht academic hospital wants to take a position in this field and provide people with trustworthy information. In doing so, it wants to present itself as an expert in the medical field that people can ask their questions. A reliable source, which is also interactive.

Partner since 2017

From 2017 onwards, UMC Utrecht is organising webinars, with Online Seminar as exclusive partner. During the webinars, a specialist discusses a medical subject. The audience has the opportunity to ask questions afterwards. The webinars cover topics such as 'Healthy food and cardiovascular diseases', 'Genetic testing when wanting children: what can we do and how far do we want to go' and 'Cancer and DNA'. One of the best watched webinars was about vaccinating and protecting children, 'Vaccinating, protecting yourself and others'.

''For us, the professional guidance of Online Seminar is very important. Many of our doctors and researchers have never been in front of the camera. The director's advices are therefore very useful. Webinars are an important addition to the UMC Utrecht marketing mix. On social media and on the website we can briefly tell the story; during a webinar our doctors and researchers can share in-depth knowledge and talk to the target audience. Very valuable.''
Egon Compter, advisor online marketing and communication

Live & On demand

The webinars are recorded in our studio in Amsterdam. We fully guide the medical specialists so that they can focus on the content of the webinar. The viewers can watch them on demand as well. So far, there have been twelve broadcasts, attracting an average of between 500 and 1500 viewers.

The facts

  • Partner since 2017
  • Medical specialists
  • Webinars attract between 500 and 1500 viewers

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