Reach your target audience

Reach your audience

Whether you target healthcare professionals, have an internal audience or focus on patient communication - interactive webinars are a great solution to convey information. Our interactive webinars can be accessed any time, any place, and on any device, from smartphone to desktop – whatever suits your specific audience best.

1. Health Care Professionals

Relevant, easily accessible content. That is what Health Care Professionals (HCPs) are after. When it comes to engaging these professionals, research shows that HCPs would like to receive more information but simply are lacking time. That is probably why remote meetings have a 133% higher engagement duration than face-to-face meetings. HCPs can access the info when it suits them.

To prevent a sense of “digital fatigue” with the audience, it is important to choose the right platforms with the right information. Webinars can do just that. When presented in the right way and at the right time, they not only engage a large audience – they also provide you with the opportunity to gain valuable data about your target market. By applying webinar functionalities such as poll questions and the chat, you can build client profiles that can help you throughout your business, both in marketing, education, sales and strategy.

2. Internal communication

Within your organisation, it may be challenging to engage and connect with certain target groups. Sales reps, for instance, are often on the road or dispersed across various locations. A webinar can be an effective way to engage them remotely, and simultaneously create the opportunity to gain valuable feedback, for instance on a new product, strategic change or on company results.

3. Patient communication

Many patients are looking online for additional information on their illness. What can they do themselves? Do they have other options? Are they making the right decision? As a hospital, patient association or healthcare company, it is extremely valuable to provide them with unbiased and trustworthy information online. Especially given the fact that there is so much subjective information out there. The advantage of a webinar is that it also gives patients the opportunity to share concerns or ask questions. This leads to valuable insights that help you to optimise communications on your platforms, or by your team of healthcare professionals.

What we can bring you

Global webinars, virtual events and online congresses

In-depth knowledge portals to position yourself as a true thought leader

A meaningful digital dialogue through chats, polls and test questions

Intuitive, easy-to-use software for engaging experiences

Data mining and analytics for valuable insights