Content creation

A webinar allows you to share your message and content with a large, global audience. It is safe, cost-efficient and interactive. Creating the content to accompany your webinar, may however be outside of your expertise. We can help you to design your webinar, providing you with the best ways to engage your audience.

Content design

When creating a webinar, it is essential it shares the values and design of your company brand. This means that everything surrounding the webinar needs to be aligned. Our experienced content designers can support you to implement the brand in every step along the way. Think of bumpers, introduction videos or the design of the landing page where participants register. This creates a solid brand experience for your target market.

Content creation

When it comes to the actual storyline and the text of your webinar, you can, of course, provide your own content or content creators. If you need content writers, we can help you further. Since content for healthcare and pharma comes with very specific requirements, we collaborate only with partners specialised in your field. They are aware of all the regulatory rules regarding the information that can be shared in a given jurisdiction and are highly experienced in writing on complex medical matters.

Proven templates

Additionally, we provide you with proven successful templates for invitations, reminders and evaluations. Our team can also advise you on the poll questions and its frequency during the webinar. We help you articulate the questions in such a fashion that they evoke interaction with the audience. This makes the webinar more engaging and helps you to gain valuable data on the preferences of your target market.

Speaker's training

We always advise novice webinar speakers to follow a speaker’s training. Speaking in front of a camera, with the interaction that comes with a webinar, is simply different than speaking at a physical venue. In our experience, learning these specific speaking skills improves the quality of your webinar dramatically. The training allows speakers to be more confident and speak more fluently in front of the camera. Additionally, we always offer a dry-run of the webinar prior to airing it. A dry-run helps to get everyone aware of the sequence of the webinar.

Medical education forums

To create a long-lasting engagement with a target market, we develop medical education forums for a number of clients. These knowledge portals on specific therapeutic domains may include webinars, a website and other content to inform your target market about new developments in their professional field.

What we can bring you

Global webinars, virtual events and online congresses

In-depth knowledge portals to position yourself as a true thought leader

A meaningful digital dialogue through chats, polls and test questions

Intuitive, easy-to-use software for engaging experiences

Data mining and analytics for valuable insights