Digital Healthcare Solutions

Digital Healthcare Solutions

We live in an era of increasing digital involvement. Audiences are inundated with more messages than ever before, and the competition for engagement is fierce. So how do you reach Health Care Providers and deliver the experience they demand?

Online Seminar is a state-of-the-art, interactive webinar platform that allows you to engage and inform your audience on a personal level, whilst gaining valuable real-time insights into their behaviour.

Connect with your audience

Webinars help you to reach healthcare providers across the world, without any of the wasted time or the hassle of travelling. Use our interactive webinars to connect, engage, and measure.

Become a trusted resource

Deliver objective, in-depth medical knowledge to a global audience using our fully customized knowledge platforms. 

Rely on our expertise

Our full service team will cover all your marketing and communication challenges, ranging from creative support and content creation to data analysis.

‘The Online Seminar Healthcare team are just amazing! They do a great job with our online medical education and they are always trying to improve and find innovative solutions to address our needs!’
Cristina Entrala,
Medical Education Lead

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What we can bring you

Global webinars, virtual events and online congresses

In-depth knowledge portals to position yourself as a true thought leader

A meaningful digital dialogue through chats, polls and test questions

Intuitive, easy-to-use software for engaging experiences

Data mining and analytics for valuable insights

The latest digital healthcare news

We provide you with weekly insights on virtual events, e-learnings and other digital developments.

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An international McKinsey report on the pharma industry delivered a startling conclusion: it said that no less than 81% of Health Care Professionals (HCP) is unsatisfied with the way the industry engages with them. Here is what multichannel managers in pharma say that the industry can do about it.

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