Creative support

How can you leverage the engagement created in webinars? What is the best way to build a long-lasting relationship with your audience? And how can you provide information in an appealing, user-friendly way that engages your target market? Our creative support team helps you to achieve just that.

When engaging with your audience it is important to share consistent content across the line. This strengthens your message and creates a reliable brand. Our creative support team consists of dedicated designers, editors, developers and online marketers who are experienced working for healthcare and pharma clients. They know the market, the rules and regulations and they know how to attract and engage your audience in the most effective way.

Customised platforms

For various clients, our team creates customised medical education platforms. Our customised platforms aim to provide your target market with the content they are after within their therapeutic area, creating a go-to stop that bundles all relevant content in one place. The platforms typically consist of a website with news items, webinars, poll questions, background information, videos, podcasts and more. This way, you ensure that your audience receives relevant information in a variety of appealing formats responding to their specific communication preferences.

External communications agency

You may consider our creative support team as your external communications agency. In addition to creating customised platforms, we can help you with many other communications challenges. As an example: you may want to re-use snippets of your webinar as stand-alone videos for other communications purposes. Our team creates it and advises you further on how to leverage your communications. Or perhaps you aim to run a campaign on social media. Our marketers can set up the campaign, our in-house developers can create a landing page and our designers will help you to create the most effective designs. Or think of lead videos, to promote an upcoming webinar. Our creative support team can do the entire production for you – from storyline to execution and publication.

Case: EIT Health

Due to COVID-19, EIT Health's Pitch Day! could not take place as normal in a physical space. The organisation wished to set up the event instead as a TV show, which we facilitated by creating leaders, bumpers, speaker intros and a broad range of video content. It resulted in a very dynamic show, with a far higher global reach than normally and gave the client very valuable data on the target market.

What we can bring you

Global webinars, virtual events and online congresses

In-depth knowledge portals to position yourself as a true thought leader

A meaningful digital dialogue through chats, polls and test questions

Intuitive, easy-to-use software for engaging experiences

Data mining and analytics for valuable insights