Virtual conferences

Virtual conferences

Conferences are an essential way to engage with your audience. Since the outbreak of the Covid19 pandemic, virtual conferences are on the rise. How do you as a company combine a physical conference with an online conference presence and what is the best way to integrate webinars? This is how you can make webinars at conferences align with your business goals.

The importance of webinars

At Online Seminar, we have a long tradition of assisting healthcare and pharma companies during conferences on location. We offer state-of-the-art mobile and virtual studios for you to receive speakers and other guests. Within these studios, these renowned speakers can share their vision and analysis during interactive webinars. These webinars create engagement with an audience that is unable to attend the actual event. Using webinar functionalities such as polls and chat, viewers can give their opinion, which results in valuable data for your organisation. And not only that, it’s also a source of information that can be shared on demand.

The rise of virtual conferences

Since the outbreak of the Covid19 pandemic, many conference organisers made a swift move to virtual conferences. The International Pharmaceutical Congress Advisory Association (IPCAA) released a report on the rise of virtual events in 2020. The interesting outcome: despite initial hesitance, no less than 92% of Health Care Professionals consider virtual events where they would not have attended the physical event in the past. This means that by moving online, your reach can increase dramatically.

Improving online experience

Due to these rapid changes, virtual conferences have become much more elaborate in their presentation. They truly have become like a nearly real-life experience of a physical conference. We cooperate with Verus EventMagix, a virtual software provider that integrates the platform of Online Seminar. This tool provides you with the next level of online conference experience, which will engage your audience even further.

The future of conferences is hybrid

The IPCAA report also expects that hybrid will be the future: physical events on location, combined with an online edition. The mix provides clients with the best value, because it gives them the opportunity to choose whatever suits them best. To create the best mix between virtual and physical conferences our team will advise you what works best for your company.

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