Medical education webinars

Medical education webinars

Healthcare Professionals value unbiased medical information. How can you provide them with a go-to resource for medical education or in-depth information in their field? You do so by offering a secure and trustworthy medical education platform that delivers real expertise and unbiased information, on any indication and in any therapeutic area.

Webinars are the fastest and most economic way to provide medical education for your audience. Participants do not need to go to a specific location to follow classes, making webinars cost-efficient. They can watch a webinar from anywhere, from any device and at any time thanks to the on demand functionalities of the Online Seminar Platform. This provides you with a large, international reach.

Broad range of functionalities

The benefit of a webinar compared to - for instance - video is the interaction with your audience. A webinar allows you to ask poll questions, answer to comments in the chat or discuss topics raised by your audience. This way, your audience will feel more engaged, which will result in a stronger client relationship.

Valuable data

All the data collected during the webinar provides your company with a large amount of valuable information. It tells you for instance how long participants watch the webinar, and what topics they have questions about, that in turn might deserve clarification. These rich customer insights can help you to optimise other information sources or upcoming webinars.


If you provide participants with the opportunity to gain accreditation points, a webinar is a fast and cost-effective way to engage your target market. Within the platform, you can determine the criteria to successfully complete the educational webinar: for instance, the number of questions that must be answered correctly or the required viewing time. This way, tests do not need to be checked manually. The webinar can be connected to the accreditor’s system, and the results are send instantly and automatically to you and your participants.

Case: a large pharma company

One of our pharma clients consider webinars a great tool to increase visibility in the market. They provide approximately 50 webinars per year to their audience sharing the most important scientific updates, the vision of renowned doctors on these developments and insightful discussions on these topics. Their webinars are rated with a very high 8.8 in average.

Case: a major academic hospital

Whereas pharma companies generally aim their webinars at healthcare professionals, hospitals focus on sharing information to a wider audience. The UMC hospital in Utrecht, the Netherlands, offers webinars to increase their position as expert. The hospital provides objective trustworthy information to a broad audience on topics like vaccinations, cancer or healthy nutrition. A webinar provides them with the opportunity to share in-depth information and interact with their target audience, which the hospital experiences as very valuable.

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