Promotional webinars

Promotional webinars

When introducing a new product or service to the market it is vital to engage your audience. Their feedback will help you to improve your proposition and create interest and awareness with your target market. Promotional webinars help you to achieve just that, in a fast and timely manner.

The interactive nature of a webinar has a vast effect on audience engagement and consequentially, data insights. By asking poll questions, opening a chat conversation and prompting the viewers with calls to action, you collect valuable data. The useful metrics extracted during the webinar (number of viewers, time spent watching, amount of active participation during the webinar on a user-specific level) can also help you to develop other platforms in additional therapeutic areas.

Working with an experienced team

Our experienced and dedicated team of project managers assist you throughout the entire project. They advise you on geo-metrics regarding sharing medical information on a global scale and manage the webinar settings to suit your situation. Our project managers also help you to create engaging, interactive formats that enable you to achieve your webinar goals. Additionally, the project managers set up coaching for speakers to get their message across in the best way possible and they assist you during the webinar. This way we ensure the best outcome for your promotional webinar.

Unbiased knowledge portals

We believe that combining webinars with other sources of unbiased information is the best way to get the benefits of your products across. That is why we build medical education forums for our clients to inform healthcare professionals in an objective way about developments in their therapeutic areas. These knowledge platforms convey a broad mix of tools and resources, providing your target market with the most relevant information in the most consumable fashion.

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