About Online Seminar

Attention is what it’s all about for us. Attention for people, data and technology. We believe that this enables us to achieve the best results for you as a customer.

  From 2009 to the present

In 2009 we looked at the world of physical events and thought: why should Health Care Professionals be at a certain location at the same time? Isn't there a more efficient way?

With webinars you save a lot of time and money, you can actively involve participants from all over the world and you collect valuable data as a company.

This observation marked the start of Online Seminar: the webinar platform for the healthcare and pharmaceutical market. In recent years, we have built up a loyal customer base and we have become the market leader in the pharma industry.  Our customers appreciate our state-of-the-art platform, our high level of security and our enormous attention to their needs.

'I am proud to be part of the Online Seminar team, a team of enthusiastic, driven people who continuously strive to improve the platform and our services.'
Rico Hoeboer, Global Business Development Manager Healthcare

Our high-end studios

High-end studios

In our high-end studios in The Netherlands and abroad, you receive professional guidance from your own webinar host, and technical support from the director and moderators. We operate according to the latest COVID-guidelines.

Mobile studios

We have more than 10 years of experience with setting up mobile studios in over 25 countries. Our technical team fully understands the complex challenges that arise during the organisation of global, large-scale medical conferences. As such, we make sure to create only the best mobile studios during your broadcasts.  

Virtual studios

The virtual studio is ideal for broadcasts where speakers are globally dispersed. They can log in safely from home and appear 'virtually' on the screen. All the while, viewers will still get the feeling that all presenters actually appear in the picture together.

Our team

The focus of our dedicated creative team is working for clients in healthcare and pharma, which ensures that they understand the dynamics of the industry and the specific needs you have as a company.

What we stand for


Each story is unique and we offer the best solution to share it. Customization is therefore always key. We don’t stop until we succeed and get it done. We always deliver quality.


Together we are most successful, which is why we cooperate and are interested in each other's ideas. We get the most out of each story, because we connect valuable insights, customers and technology. Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.

High performance

We offer the best service & experience and have the guts to try, learn and develop. There is always room for improvement, which is why we continue to work on technology that works simply and intuitively, anytime, anywhere. Fail faster, fail forward.